Peugeot asked us to create a campaign that would generate interest around the launch
of the new Peugeot 508 in Norway.

But how could we get people to spend time on a car that was not yet in store and
most people in Norway normally would not consider?

Our solution was to let the audience take an active part in the countdown by turning their Facebook profiles into grains of sand in an hourglass and give them the chance to win the new Peugeot 508.

Please enjoy the case film for a full explanation of the campaign.
Then check out the links below. Thank you.

Case film:

b high

Campaign elements:


The hourglass
18 650 facebook profiles became grains of sand in the hourglass during a 2 week period. The back-end engine had to rearrange the data of all the Facebook profiles that were shaken, and we registered more than 3 million shakes in total. The hourglass was updated every 5 seconds. Please see how the online hourglass worked here.

b demobb site


This 15 second TVC was created to promote the arrival of the new Peugeot 508 and to draw attention to Peugeot Norway on Facebook. The fanpage linked directly to the online hourglass.

b demo


Custom-built hourglass
A live hourglass, filled with 100 kg's of sand, was placed inside an adshel in one of Oslo's busiest streets to mark the last 7 days of the online event - and counting down to the launch. The first part of this video was published on the fanpage.

b demobb images

mt adshel

1 200 miniature 508's
Two weeks into the online event, the number of 508 test drives booked exceeded 1200. We filled up an adshel with 1200 miniature 508's placed in the finacial centre of Oslo.
This video was published on the fanpage.

b demobb images


Peugeot Norway on Facebook

b fb

Thank you for watching.